Friday, August 19, 2011


Eighteen years have gone by and I can still bring back every detail of that day in the meadow. Washed clean of summer's dust by days of gentle rain, the mountains wore a deep, brilliant green. The October breeze set white fronds of head-tall grasses swaying. One long streak of cloud hung posted across a dome of frozen blue. It almost hurt to look at that far-off sky. A puff of wind swept across the meadow and through her hair before it slipping into the woods to rustle branches and send back snatches of distant barking- a hazy sound that seemed to reach us from the doorway to another world. We heard no other sounds. We met no other people. We saw only two bright read birds leap startled from the center of the meadow and dart into the woods. As we ambled along Naoko spoke to me of wells. 


I really love this. A lot. I'm excited to continue to read it. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011


It was a truly wonderful last night. I miss it. I also wish I had brought my camera.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


You were born inside of a raindrop
And I watched you falling to your death
And the sun, well, she could not save you
She’s falling down too, the streets are wet
Body of water, toxic and timeless
Atlantic ocean, New York skyline
I always get lost, when I leave the village
So I couldn’t come meet you in Brooklyn last night

But I sing glory from the lowest
And I will say peace to the people I meet
While the world waits for an explosion
An instant of light that wipes the slate clean

So don’t be fooled, now don’t get lied to
Love was always cruel
Don’t act strange, don’t be a stranger
It happened to me, now it’s happening to you
But if you take that train underwater
Then we could talk it through

Well, if I could tame all of my desires
Wait out the weather that howls in my brain
Because it seems that it’s always changing
The wind’s indecision, the sorrowful rain
I was a postcard, I was a record
I was a camera until I went blind
Now I’m riding all over this island
Looking for something to open my eyes

But I still sing glory from a high rise
And I will say thanks if you’re pouring my drinks
While the world waits for an explosion
That moment in time when we are set free

So don’t stay mad, just let some time pass
And in the morning you’ll wake feeling new
And if I don’t come back
I mean, if I get sidetracked
It’s only cause I wanted to
I’m keeping up with the moon on an all night avenue

Bright Eyes

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Its part of my cleaning process... how I get rid of old paper and magazines and so on. the mail boat is full.

Monday, August 8, 2011


I had my first radio show of the summer today (as previously mentioned). Here is what I played:

The Lakes Alive- Rifle Men
White as Diamonds- Alela Diane
Teenagers- Department of Eagles
Tomorrow is a Long Time- Bob Dylan
California Nights- Fellow Citizens
I Need You- The Beatles
Rivers & Roads- The Head and The Heart
Petey- Jarvis Cocker
Sweet Sixteen- Big Joe Turner
Psychotic Girl- The Black Keys
Going to California- Led Zeppelin
That Sea, The Gambler- Gregory Alan Iskov
Riverside- Agnes Obel
Colorado Girl- Devendra Banhart
Reptilia- The Strokes
I Turn My Camera On- Spoon
Hang Me Up to Dry- Cold War Kids
Dog Days are Over- Florance and the Machine
Closer to the Sun- Slightly Stoopid
So Jah Seh- Bob Marley and the Wailers
Astro Dub- Long Beach Dub Allstars
Chan Chan- Buena Vista Social Club
Sure Shot- Beastie Boys
If You Want Me to Stay- Sly and the Family Stone
Ready, Able- Grizzly Bear
Innocent Son- Fleet Foxes
Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock)- Santana

Its been a really strange day. It started with me not getting up and doing anything that I had aspired to do (aka clean my room so it could be walked through rather then climbed through) and eventually was running late for my radio show due to my computer being set a hour earlier than Colorado time. I caught it just in time and frantically dragged the huge trash bags filled with consignment items down to my car. The gas light was on... I decided to risk it and started to sweet talk my car. By the time I was on my way I knew I would be late. I called Stacey so she could cover for me and sped my way to Carbondale. I was driving on empty with fingers crossed telling my car over and over that I would get it gas if it just got me to the radio station. On the back road I passed two cars feeling extremely guilty (over the double yellow lines) vocally apologizing through my window as I zoomed past. "I'M JUST REALLY LATE FOR MY RADIO SHOW!" The second woman flipped me off. Then I realized that there was a cop hidden and tried to slow down. This was in vain though because I soon saw him turn on his lights. The woman who flipped me off past me and the cop came to my window and asked me why I was in such a rush. I explained the radio show fiasco. "Well I'm sure you like this" he said (indicating my license) "and this" (indicating my car) "and you could get your license suspended for this, and a $250 ticket. I know that your radio show is important but so is your safety.... so remember that this is a 35mph road next time." I looked up at him and began thanking him over and over again for letting me off with a warning. I made it to my radio show five minutes late. After the show my dad called me to let me know he was taking my mom to the hospital because he thought she was having or had a stroke. She had been forgetting things all day and couldn't remember what year it was. I thought back to the morning before my mom had left for the grocery store. She was asking me if I knew where her shoes were which seemed normal enough, but really it was the start of short term memory loss. I ended up at the hospital a few hours later where I learned that she had just had a seizure so things weren't as bad as they seemed. She is staying there overnight. Evan and I both started crying when we got to her room and saw her in bed. It was just too much. She's okay though. Her tongue is black and blue from where she bit it. My uncle got into a car accident today and was taken away in an ambulance, but he is okay too.


My floor is covered in piles as usual. It seems that whenever I come home I shortly end up surrounded by various things to makes things out of, glue sticks, scissors, magazine clippings, photos, paint, paper, origami books, yarn and who knows what else. This time I am also attempting to go through everything so I'm ready to move to LA (which I do every so often to clear my space... its really lovely and addicting, especially before moving.) I have three full trash bags of things to take to Mieser's this afternoon. I have a radio show at 2:30 so I'm going to drop them before hand. I've found that I have a bit of a hording problem when it comes to journals... especially book journals. I have like ten blank ones that I couldn't resist buying and three books that need to be sent off to be made into journals. I guess I don't feel too bad about it because I use them, adore them and I'm supporting Jacob (who is wonderful) and his recycling business. And then there's the fact that I always have an extra gift laying around that I can donate to one of the fabulous people I know. This weekend I went with my family to Denver to help Evan move into his first apartment. We went to the NEW IKEA (which was crazy and not very enjoyable because of the hoards of people pouring in... by the time we left there was a line curling out of the building into the parking garage... absolutely ridiculous. It makes me a little ashamed to be supporting them.) I guess its the only one until Salt Lake so it was quite the event. We did get Evan a nice bed that I am considering buying for myself and amused ourselves with the names of things and the directions. After building a bunch of furniture we piled back in the car and took Cottonwood pass. My time in Colorado is slowly slipping away which is really bittersweet. I am excited to see Ali and Lucy and all my lovelies back east and am hoping I can dash into Boston (which I miss already. Emerson too) while I'm there. How I'm getting back is changing once more but it may have evolved into a new road trip with my friend Dan. We'll see. I feel like it changes every .5 seconds. Anyway. I need to unstick myself from the computer and do some more practical real life things... like making some white space on my bedroom floor.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I scraped up my leg today while hiking with my parents. I can't remember the last time I did something like this but it HURT and frankly it still does. It's actually possible for your shin to swell. But it really was a beautiful hike just outside of Redstone. Redstone has the most lovely houses, I really like it. Its been so nice to be home. I think I needed to come back here. Tomorrow is my 22 birthday. Cray cray. Oh stream of thought. I have been writing a lot of poetry lately... I'll share some soon. In the meantime I think I am going to write some mail. I'm starting to get the stream of facebook notifications of people wishing me a happy birthday. I think I'm going to try to respond to all of them. I think its the polite thing to do considering they are taking time to say it. I can take the time to thank them.